Accounting Services

We provide companies with comprehensive service in the areas of accounting, HR and payroll. We know that not all business activities are the same so we adjust our services to the individual needs of each client. We also provide accounting advice.


Accounting services:

  • comprehensive bookkeeping (using either our own software or software owned by the Client),
  • preparation of financial statements in conformity with international standards (IFRS, USGAAP),
  • preparing CIT tax returns for legal entities
  • preparing VAT tax returns and VAT record keeping,
  • keeping records of fixed assets, intangible assets, equipment,
  • preparation of statistical reporting (CSO),
  • preparation of declarations for the Polish National Bank
  • financial and accounting advice.


HR and payroll:

  • calculation of wages, payroll and personal income tax declarations PIT-4,
  • preparing transfers for wages,
  • settlement of paid sick leaves and sickness benefits,
  • full service in settling Social Security accounts,
  • calculation of employees’ income tax,
  • preparing referrals for medical examinations,
  • keeping personal files of employees,
  • drafting contracts of employment, work contracts, job orders, etc.
  • preparation of employment certificates for departing employees.


Accountancy Consulting:

  • help in choosing and implementing financial and accounting IT systems,
  • analysis of documents sent by mail and e-mail,
  • telephone consultations,
  • personal consultations.


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